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Goldin Auctions is a new sponsor of Front Row Card Show in Las Vegas. Goldin representatives will be at the May 27-28 show to accept auction submissions.

Goldin is an industry-leading auction house and marketplace that specializes in high-end collectibles. Goldin has broken many records for selling premium sports cards, trading cards, autographs, comic books and game-used memorabilia. 

If you have valuable collectibles that you wish to consign to Goldin, bring them to Front Row Card Show on May 27-28.

Goldin Auctions Front Row Card Show Las Vegas

Goldin is featured on a new Netflix series about buying and selling premium collectibles. The series is called KING OF COLLECTIBLES: THE GOLDIN TOUCH.

Each Front Row Card Show features cards, comics and a wide variety of collectibles. 

For tickets, CLICK HERE

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